Artificial Intelligence for Human Kind

We offer investments, advisory, events and education around Artificial Intelligence for companies, private individuals, governments and institutions.

Our mission is to enhance human kind with technology, support transformation during the era of Artificial Intelligence and explain the challenges and opportunities AI has for us.

Rise of AI is an event series to understand and adapt Artificial Intelligence.

The Rise of AI Conference is visited every year by 800 politicians, investors, entrepreneurs and researchers.

During Rise of AI Invest the leading investors for Artificial Intelligence meet with growing AI companies.

Rise of AI Education helps companies to hire the right people and train their employees.

Asgard – human Venture Capital for Artificial Intelligence invests in companies developing narrow applied AI solutions or solve the AGI problem.

Asgard is a BaFin registered special AIFM with KVG located in Berlin and Potsdam.

We invest our own capital as well as for selected clients, co-investors and partners.

For our clients we offer advisory for Artificial Intelligence Strategy, AI Investments and Security Token Offerings.

In the past we have advised the German Government, Chinese Ministry of Technology, state Departments, Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and non governmental Institutes.

We live Artificial Intelligence

Fabian Westerheide is an entrepreneur and investor with passion for Artificial Intelligence.


Fabian is Managing Partner at Asgard, CEO at Rise of AI and advisor to the European Commission, European Space Agency and German parliament on Artificial Intelligence strategy. 

Veronika Westerheide is Chief Operation Officer for the Rise of AI events.


Veronika, founder of Pandora Events Berlin, has organized over 300 events in 5 countries in the past 10 years. She strives for perfection, the highest quality and unforgettable memories.

Dr. Carly Howard is Head of Operations at Asgard and advisor on Security Tokens.


Carly, a lawyer by education, has 12 years experiences in wealth management advisory, venture capital, Security Tokens as well as running her own startup.

Stefanie Schramm is Head of Networking for the Rise of AI events.


Stefanie enjoys building networks and communities with the growing AI and Blockchain industry.


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